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Candy Candy Episode 115

Also Known As:
  • キャンディ・キャンディ

Description: This story is about a girl, Candy, who is a orphan. She is a nice and optimistic girl and she has a warm heart. When she was a child, she lived in an orphanage called Pony's Home. She had a good friend called Annie. And she met the "Prince of the Hill" who is a important person in her life, on the hill behind the orphanage. She was adopted by the Leagan's family. What's awaiting her are the bad-hearted Neil and his sister, Eliza. One day, in the rose garden, she met a boy, who is identical to the "Prince of the Hill" who she had met in her childhood. The boy is called Anthony. Thereafter, a fantastic story that she has never expected begins. (Source: AnimeNfo)
Film Category: Tv Series
First aired: Oct 01, 1976 to Feb 02, 1979
Quality: SD
Episode duration: 25 minutes

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